New and Retired Webkinz – Still an Investment Strategy For Retirement

Webkinz, Lil Kinz, Zumbuddy and especially now Signature Webkinz have become quite popular. With only about 5 years under its belt has grown to quite a big deal and to think it hasn't even been a big hit for all of that time. If you are a parent of someone who has become obsessed with them or even if you are the one now obsessed with it, you aren't alone and would want to argue that surely it hasn't been that short.

Ganz had started to retire some of their webkinz, but have definitely realized it is a much bigger issue. There are now hundreds of current webkinz and they usually issue 4 regular sized webkinz and 3 signature webkinz every month. They have begun to realize their errors as they have tried to retire one each week for the past month, does not solve the problem, but allows from multiplication of current webkinz. This still leaves the opportunity to mass retire a bunch of them as I see them doing. Part of it is depending how much back stock they have. They have done a much better job at not producing too many that they sit on the backstock for months and months. Retired Webkinz can still be adopted and their secret code still will work with the Webkinz World website. This means that all the company will no longer produce and sell webkinz particular. But is a real big thing for collectors as people will continue to find these webkinz to use in their accounts, thus taking even more off the market.

As with any investment, supply and demand determine what the Webkinz will be worth. What makes these stick out is that these aren't just stuffed plush animals, but also provide games and entertainment for awhile for kids and kids at heart. Some have really skyrocketed over a short period of time because of their limited existence for one reason or another. True that most people tend to buy them as soon as they come out rather than wait unless their wish list is way too long, which can be the case.

For example, consider that the retired Cheeky Dog Webkinz was selling for retail of about $ 11.99. You can't even buy just the stuffed plush for that anymore as that alone has sold for $ 100 +. Think if you were smart enough to keep it in great condition with the code still attached. Can easily sell them for $ 400 + if not $ 1000. Now step back and really think about that. You can buy a real dog for even less than that. Of course that doesn't include taking care of the dog, but the virtual dog / stuffed animal does require anything more than a safe secure place to house it, which is minimal. Obviously they are not all as high as those returns for the Cheeky dog, but plenty of profit potential available. You have the Cheeky Cat webkinz that sells for about half that and the Love Puppy webkinz in particular has taken quite a leap of its own and always jumps again come valentine's day. Even taking a look at other Webkinz, just in months you can see your Webkinz like the Eagle or Chipmunk hit $ 30 +, already more than double what you paid for it. Even one of the more recent retirees of the Sea Otter Webkinz jumped a few dollars following retirement.

Lil Kinz Webkinz are at a unique point right now. Signature webkinz, Zumbuddy webkinz and regular webkinz have taken the interest of many consumers, but not many seem to realize that they aren't making any more lil kinz unless of course you read our article on it before. It is almost like buying penny stocks as you don't know if it is going to multiply by tons or disappear. Chances of it more disappearing are unlikely but when you can buy them for like $ 8, not too much to lose.

Speaking of Signature Webkinz, those have been the largest gainers as have been selling for like $ 25, but the catch is that retailers can only get 6 of them at a time per month unless have connections. With how they are so soft in nature, lifelike and larger as well, they have been a grand slam. I mean look at the Golden Retriever Signature webkinz (full size not the small golden retriever signature webkinz) that is now fetching close to $ 200 in about a years time. Lots of the others are quickly gaining steam as supply has been small to begin with and no more coming into the marketplace will only see it raise in value. The downside to this is the large upfront costs because to pick up 4 of them, you are easily paying over $ 100, so not chump change.

So if it was an exact science many people would be buying all the right Webkinz and becoming rich. Some have already become quite wealthy just by buying low and selling high or at least holding onto it for awhile. Certainly beats the interest in a savings account by a long shot, but you do have to be patient. So even if this extreme excitement does not continue, you still stand to make a pretty penny. The quality of the new Webkinz is amazing and supplies have still been limited and don't forget that so many of these kids have younger brothers and sisters and will have kids. Even parents get involved to play with them online. So Ty, the maker of Beanie Babies just turned 20 years recently, but Webkinz are so much more than beanies. You won't be disappointed even if it is just to interact with your little ones. That is worth more than a ton of money because they won't be little forever. Enjoy them while you can!

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